Axie Infinity Ronin Bridge Hacker has already transfer 38,293 ETH ($114.8 million)

Hackers who hack approx $615 million in the Ronin Network have already transferred approx $114 million worth of Ethereum.

Axie Infinity Ronin Bridge Hacker has already transfer 38,293 ETH ($114.8 million)

Ronin Network chain built to scale Axie infinity was exploited by hackers who made off with over $615 million worth of ETH. 

The hackers se0000em to have cashed in 28.164 ETH out of the 173,000 ETH stolen in the Ronin Bridge attack, with a current market value of $86,128,384.73

The hackers had initially transferred over 2000 ETH ($6 million) and now the hackers are moving again.

The image taken from Reddit shows a list of outgoing transactions related to the wallets involved in the exploit

Reddit user ThatGuy222666 has been keeping track of the main wallet since the Ronin Bridge was exploited it looks like the attackers are using multiple wallets to deposit the ETH into Tornado Cash, a crypto mixer that allows users to disguise their digital trail on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to the image it takes hackers 4 to 5 hours to empty each new wallet of 100 ETH.

There are outliers, the wallet to which the attacker sent 10,000 ETH over a day ago.

Whoever the exploiter is the quantity of ETH transferred is constantly increasing. 

“The most baffling part of the whole situation to me is that 327 different wallets have sent this person small quantities of ETH in the hope he shares the wealth.” the Reddit user said.

Reddit user ThatGuy222666 continued to say: “I have never been so intrigued with a random person on the internet, This whole situation blows me away.”

Reddit user saying 

“I plan on continuing to track where all this ETH goes purely out of curiosity, the absolute magnitude of this exploit is too much for my little brain to comprehend.”

Reddit poster believes that the attack was carried out by a single person who may be transferring the funds slowly to avoid detection.

According to a Reddit post, the address was on a US Watchlist before the exploit and was "linked to North Korea" user still believes the attack was carried out by 1-to 2 users.

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