crypto market has continued a bullish trend, with market capitalization nearing $2T

With the solid bullish trend in early August with total capitalization around $2 Trillion USD Cryptocurrency market is booming the financial market of 2021.

crypto market has continued a bullish trend, with market capitalization nearing $2T

On Monday, total crypto market cap has broken the $1.9 Trillion mark as we have confirmation from the crypto aggregator CoinGecko, and This is the first time since May 18.

On July 19 cryptocurrency market recorded a noticeable rise with market value around $700 billion and the market is still going down nowadays and it became an all time high of $2.5 Trillion recorded on May 11.

Since May 16 first time ever Bitcoin hit above $860 Billion on Monday as per the reports from CoinGecko, Bitcoin has been into a $1 trillion asset earlier in this year.

Bitcoin experienced a Major sale with this selling market cap dropping to $560 Billion on 20 July.

Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has posted more gains since the bear market in July, surging nearly 81% from $204 billion on July 20 to $369 billion on Monday. The cryptocurrency underwent a major network upgrade on Thursday, with ETH’s price rallying 50% following the London hard fork amid investor expectations for the upgrade to solve issues such as high transaction fees.

Ethereum, which is the second largest crypto in the world, reported the hike of Booming 81% this Monday as it climbed and gained from $204 Billion which was on July 20 and now it is $369 Billion dollars.

As of now if we look out at new comers and fresh coins and token we have noticed one of the new tokens named BELIEVER which also get height of good pump as per their users which was around their highest price in this quarter was reported $0.017 to $0.54 USD on July 6.

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