Eclipse to Introduce Rollup Blockchain for Polygon Network with Solana Interoperability

Customizable rollup provider Eclipse expresses that the startup is launching a scaling solution that is compatible with Solana and Polygon Network. 

Eclipse to Introduce Rollup Blockchain for Polygon Network with Solana Interoperability

Eclipse discovered that the Layer 2 blockchain can run smart contracts on Solana and decentralized applications (dApps) will be easily migratable to the Polygon Sealevel Virtual Machine (SVM).

How Eclipse’s L2 Scaling Concept Hopes to Improve Blockchain Efficiency.

Eclipse added the Polygon SVM will add new use cases and traffic to the Polygon ecosystem. the technology will leverage the security of Polygon and aims to provide to faster and more efficient experience. 

Eclipse works with customizable rollups a layer 2 scaling concept that combines a large number of transactions to validate them all at once off-chain. before committing them back to the blockchain Rollups aim to improve scalability, reduce fees and maintain the security and decentralization benefits of the underlying blockchain network. 

According to Neel Somani, the founder of Eclipse, Ethereum's speed and cost were still significant issues, making it clear that rollups were the scaling solution. Eclipse considered developing a highly parallelized rollup that adheres to existing standard tooling such as the Solana Virtual Machine or Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Last year, Eclipse secured $15 million in funding from notable investors including Polychain, Tribe Capital, Struck Crypto, Soma Capital, Tabiya, and Galileo. The startup has also received grants from the Solana Foundation and collaborated with Celestia, Eigenlayer, and Near. Neel Somani, Eclipse's founder, previously served as a Terra blockchain developer and worked on Terranova, a project that implemented the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on the Terra blockchain before the ecosystem's downfall.

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