El Salvador bought additional 21 Bitcoin to celebrate Dec. 21, 2021

Buying Bitcoin is becoming a way of celebrating various occasions or playing around with meaningful figures by El Salvador.

El Salvador bought additional 21 Bitcoin to celebrate Dec. 21, 2021

The government of El Salvador keeps celebrating significant days by purchasing more Bitcoin (BTC), with President Nayib Bukele declaring a new purchase of 21 BTC on Tuesday.

Worth approx $1,036,000 at the time of writing, El Salvador's latest BTC investment is to celebrate the "last 21s day of the 21st century" and celebrate the scarcity of Bitcoin as its supply is limited by 21 million BTC, Bukele said.

The president additionally saw that EL Salvador's entire size is reportedly approx 21,041 square kilometers, which, according to Bukele, isn't incident as El Salvador is the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

At the time of purchase, BTC was trading somewhat above $49,000 according to data from CoinGecko.

Purchasing Bitcoin is consistently turning into a method of celebrating various occasions and playing around meaningful dates or figures by EL Salvador later the Government bought its first 200 BTC in early September amid adopting Bitcoin as legal tender on Sept7.

On Nov 26 EL Salvador celebrated Black Friday by purchasing 100 BTC at approx $54,000 per BTC, accumulating a total of 1,220 BTC.

The Salvadoran government recently made a massive 420 BTC buy in October shortly after Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX crypto exchange raised $420 million from 69 investors. Both apparently used "420" to refer to cannabis culture slang for marijuana as some industry figures intend.