Google Cloud is entering Web3

Google Cloud is building a team to provide services for developers running blockchains. 

Google Cloud is entering Web3

Google Cloud Vice President General Manager and Head of Platform Amit Zavery stated that they aim to make Google Cloud Platform the first choice for Web3 developers. 

"While the world is still in the early stages of embracing Web3, this is a market which has the tremendous possibility with many customers asking us to increase our support for Web3 and crypto technologies," the google Cloud vice president wrote in an email.

Zavery emphasized the growing demand in customers asking for support for Web3 this is a market that has tremendous potential, at this time, Google cloud did not declare certain products to be released by its Web3 division, Anyway, the company appears most interested in "back end services"

In a recent survey of hundreds of Stack, Overflow developers were conducted of the 585 participants, 85 percent have not yet developed any applications of software that uses the blockchain, since Google Cloud is supposed to simplify the process of creating a Web3 application for developers a change in the situation is likely.

Ankit Zavery mentioned that Google is not trying to participate directly in the crypto wave. it will probably create a system that other companies can use 

We'll have to wait for Google Cloud to officially declare its new Web3 team, the good news is that the company is presently working on providing services to assist developers to build better Web3 applications.

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