It's a huge honour for us to be presented with the Best Entrepreneur Award by Naya Bharat Mahotsav, London, UK.

We’re incredibly honored to win the Best Entrepreneur Award from Trident Events & Media Ltd, Global Governance News Group, and MATV Media Group.

It's a huge honour for us to be presented with the Best Entrepreneur Award by Naya Bharat Mahotsav, London, UK.

The event, Naya Bharat Mahotsav, is scheduled from the 8th of September to the 12th of September at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington London. 

These Naya Bharat Mahotsav Global Inspirational Award are earned by our CEO Jagdish Narola & Advisor Hemant Jass has been awarded at Naya Bharat Mahotsav 2022 from Trident Events & Media Ltd on 9th September 2022 at the Palace of Westminster, UK Parliament. 

Mr. Narola has been chosen in the best entrepreneur category award for its innovative contribution to blockchain technology. By proposing the Reward Protocol in the core structure of IgniteChain, JM Narola has caught the attention of the blockchain community and tech entrepreneurs.

IgniteChain is utilizing a self-regulating and self-sustainable model that enables a pervasive trustless economy & the ideology of pure decentralization while using Reward Protocol (Proof-of-Reward) with the security of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus in the process of validating & broadcasting transactions on the network. In Proof-of-Reward (PoR) consensus, every node is rewarded for the transaction they sign right after the transaction is processed and broadcasted on the blockchain network. The validator of a transaction is incentivized by the gas used to execute the transaction.

According to Jagdish Narola CEO of IgntieChain 

"IgniteChain is solely designed for mass market adoption in the area of decentralized finance and enterprise or institutions, by providing lowest cost and yet ultra fast peer-to-peer transactions in the market, where other blockchain networks are still struggling to bring down heavy transaction fees and confirmation time,”

“The solution we have built has solid potential and use cases that clearly are boosting the adoption, despite the project - IgniteChain - being in such an early phase."

The technology behind IgniteChain is also impressive which Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt can not neglect and has partnered for the well-wishing endorsement and the fascinating growth of the project. 

“There will be notable growth in the blockchain space. This new age technology has added thousands of new jobs and applications to the decentralized finance economy. IgniteChain is aiming to accelerate this industry by providing easy to use infrastructure and scalable solutions” says Mr. Jagdish Narola.

Apart from the fashion show, the 5-day event will comprise Awards in the London Parliament, Branding & Business Promotions, Round table discussions, Issue based panel discussions, Fashion Shows, an Exhibition, Gala Dinner, and London tour. 

The program includes a panel discussion at the High Commission of India, the 'Global Inspirational Awards' in the House of Commons, and a fashion show and exhibition in the Millennium Glouccster Hotel, London Kensington to promote Indian culture.