Jack Dorsey's Spiral introduces Bitcoin Lightning Development Kit

The crypto arm of the recently rebranded Square (now Block) has demonstrated its Lightning Development Kit (LDK) as it aims to turbocharge the Bitcoin network.

Jack Dorsey's Spiral introduces Bitcoin Lightning Development Kit

Spiral published a video showcasing the capabilities of Bitcoin Lightning and the Lightning Development Kit (LDK).

The Lightning Development Kit has been designed for developers to seamlessly plug their applications into the network on mobile devices and Point of Sale terminals. It supports native APIs using Rust, C, Swift, Java, and Kotlin coding languages. It will allow developers to customize their wallet app for their users in the language of their choice while also removing the necessity for separate Bitcoin and LN wallets.

In the video, Twitter’s former CEO described the LDK as a program that makes it easy for any developer in the world to build a wallet.

The video published on YouTube features a puppet Jack Dorsey interacting with different stores and owners by paying for services with Lightning Network. He uses his mobile LN wallet app to pay for a nose piercing and a movie ticket while the video periodically cuts to the Spiral team talking about the merits of Bitcoin and the Lightening Network.

Spiral has been developing a wallet for Bitcoin since it was founded in 2019. In addition to the LDK, Spiral is working on the Bitcoin Development Kit which allows cross-platform mobile wallet interactions.

The latest news comes at a fortuitous time for Lightning users as network nodes are at all-time highs. The last reading from Bitcoin Visuals shows that there are 18,905 nodes with active channels on the Lightning Network.

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