MetaMask has unveiled a number of privacy features in response to increased criticism.

MetaMask unveils new privacy features for crypto wallets. 

MetaMask has unveiled a number of privacy features in response to increased criticism.

MetaMask express that users will see an updated experience for wallet creation and upgrade wallet privacy and security settings.

According to MetaMask "We have update the google chrome extension to maximize the control you have over your data"

MetaMask users can now toggle features that send requests to third party services under the advanced privacy settings. this helps with phising detection and identifying incoming transactions. 

MetaMask added option to change Remote Procedure Call (RPC) providers in reponse to criticism over the default provider infura. 

MetaMask came under fire after an update by developers 
ConsenSys in November a quietly updated privacy policy at the time when using infura it will collect your IP address and your Ethereum wallet address when you send a transaction.

This phishing detection feature is also one that is required as attacks have increase targetting MetaMask users. Malicious smart contract like Monkey Drainer lure victims into connecting to malicious addresses. 

DeFi analyst and decentralization advocate Chris Blec warned Some of the responses to the annoucement remained critical of MetaMask as its competition has grown.

"I know that you need to market your product but trying to diminish the importance of seed phrases is not the way to do it"

MetaMask express a new learn initiative to educate users about Web3 and online security practices. 

In september the wallet provider launched a portfolio manager to improve user experiences in December it collaborated with 
PayPal to enable to allow Ethereum transfers for U.S customers.

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