Now metamask tracking your IP address when you send txns

Ethereum software solutions provider ConsenSys has updated its privacy policy Now MetaMask tracks your IP address when you send Ethereum transactions. 

Now metamask tracking your IP address when you send txns

Infura will log IP and ETH addresses in MetaMask it is easy to switch to an alternative PRC provider. 

ConsenSys updated its privacy policy on Nov 23, they highlighted Infura would collect more data from Ethereum transactions. 

When users use Infura, the default Remote Procedure Call (RPC) provider in  MetaMask, it will collect your IP Address as well Ethereum wallet address when you send a new transaction.

According to Wu Blockchain, it was commented on by several prominent crypto experts. 

DeFi developer 'foobar' said that he would stop using these apps, the default provider cannot be removed from MetaMask so the user can never fully opt-out. 

“Zero reason to spy on users like this, assume malice until proven otherwise,”

Otherside, Ethereum advocate Anthony Sassano suggested switching RPC on MetaMask is easy and there are plenty of good alternatives out there these days. 

The updated ConsenSys privacy policy included other information that it collected related to the Codefi site and service the data included identity and contact information, financial and transaction data, and KYC information where applicable. also, it automatically logs data such as IP addresses devices, browsers, and operating system types. 

Furthermore, UniSwap caused a stir earlier this month when it did something similar an updated privacy policy revealing that the DEX collects blockchain data and information about user devices, browsers, and operating systems. 

According to UniSwap, We didn't collect personal information like Names, IP addresses, and email addresses.

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