Optimism and arbitrum flip Ethereum transaction volume

Layer 2 Network Arbitrum and Optimism have seen an increase in trading activity during the past three months. Etherscan reports that the volume of Ethereum network transactions has decreased by approx 33% and was able to do an Ethereum flip.

Optimism and arbitrum flip Ethereum transaction volume

The graph indicates that on 10th January Ethereum completed over 1.06 million were able to an Ethereum flip. 

Optimism has also complete Arbitrum in terms of daily transactions following a steady increase since September.

Statistical analysis of the ecosystem at the second layer since October L2beat reports that all L2 activity has been higher in transactions per second (TDS) than Ethereum. 


L2beat claims that Arbitrum and Optimism together constitute approx 80% of the layer 2 ecosystems. 

Total value locked where Arbitrum one ranks first with 52.5% market share its $2.34 billion in collateral keeps it at the top. 

Optimism comes in at the number with a TVL of $1.28 billion and a market share of 28.6%.

Second layer transfer such as the zk-rollup StarNet has also been handling more transaction items that benefit from StarkWare technology immutable and dydx.

StarkNet is capable of handling more transactions per week than the Bitcoin BTC tickers down $17,446 network. 

Starkscan also reports that the network's TVL is at an all-time high of $5.2 million.

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