OROS.finance adds exciting tokenomics and DApps to blockchain

OROS.finance just launched its much-awaited token OROS. The token along with the brand’s upcoming DApps will help fuel its mission.

OROS.finance adds exciting tokenomics and DApps to blockchain

OROS.finance runs on the Binance Smart Chain and its shining purpose is to help the world. In detail, the platform is a community-driven ecosystem that enables its users to make donations. In return, these users gain access to entertaining DApps and can also earn a passive income via rewards.

The official token on the platform is OROS, it just made its debut on CoinGecko. In addition, the OROS token is on Pancakeswap. Presently, the DeFi exchange is its most active market. As a newly launched token, OROS is currently trading at $0.000000292958 with a trading volume of $184,603.

As such, the token is still grossly undervalued taking into account the project’s scope and the token’s utility. In fact, the OROS token underpins everything in the OROS ecosystem. Also, OROS.finance intends to launch more apps to expand future token use cases and utilities.

OROS tokenomics is also unique and innovative including a clearly outlined token distribution. Specifically, 95% of the maximum token supply will go towards circulating supply. Notably, OROS has a 0 circulating supply at the time of writing according to CoinGecko. Also, 3% of the token distribution will go to the OROS team and the final 2% to promotions and giveaways.

OROS.finance is still building up to its complete DApp launch. The DApp will be home to a suite of apps where users can use and earn more OROS. For now, it is urging users to get on its ecosystem and begin to hoard OROS. Holders can later use their OROS on the network to explore its offerings and gain more OROS. 

As for the supply of the token, it caps off at 5,000,000,000,000. As mentioned before, the brand’s main focus is donations and saving the world. Hence, to fulfill this duty, part of every transaction is given to charity. 

To break down this process, OROS uses 8% of the transaction for fees. Out of which, 4% of this fee is sent to all holders, 2% is sent to a charity contract, and 1.5% is sent to liquidity. Meanwhile, the remaining 0.5% is kept aside for marketing and exchange contracts to expand the brand’s reach and community. 

Last month, the OROS.finance team was thrilled to introduce people to Intermedium — the first DeFi platform they created. The platform acts as an intermediary between promoters and customers. It is an open and global financial system made for the internet age.

The platform gives users control and visibility over their money. Thus, customers and promoters can remain calm while they use it or wait for their work. In addition, Intermedium facilitates the growth of new blockchain startups. What is more, the OROS team made the software available to hundreds of trusted promoters, thus, helping them avoid scams.

On the OROS.finance platform, users can find blockchain professionals focused on promoting projects. This includes influencers, YouTubers, Redditors, Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram users, to name a few. These promoters can create their portfolios and earn money. Beyond this, they can earn money without the risk of being scammed. It also works the same way for anyone who wants to hire these promoters.

In addition, OROS.finance is currently working on its App Suite of the OROS.finance ecosystem. This platform will allow users to earn OROS tokens while enjoying and having fun. Finally, the most exciting news — The Wheel, the first of the entertainment DApps on the OROS.finance app suite will be out tomorrow.