Polygon launches new Ethereum-compatible scaling solution zkEVM

Polygon's zKEVM will inherit Ethereum's security while increasing throughput and reducing fees using zero-knowledge proofs.

Polygon launches new Ethereum-compatible scaling solution zkEVM

Polygon has launched an Ethereum-compatible scaling solution called zKEVM. 

zKEVM zero-knowledge proofs will enable developers to seamlessly deploy an Ethereum smart contract that scales infinitely and drastically reduces fees. 

“It’s just like using Ethereum, but with the groundbreaking scaling power of ZK tech,” Polygon said in an announcement.

According to Polygon's announcement, an Ethereum scaling solution has been in the works for quite some time. The company decided early on that zero knowledge (Zk) proof was the most promising pathway to achieve seamless scaling.

Polygon is zKEVM the future of Ethereum scaling As with any other zk based scaling solution zKEVM is a Layer 2 protocol that rolls up a large batch of transactions and proves all of them to Ethereum with a single ZK validity proof. 

Source : Polygon

zKEVM addresses some of the big problems scaling Solutions like these experiences with the biggest ones being long proof times and EVM compatibility. 

Polygon's ZK teams have reportedly made breakthroughs in performance. Significantly improving proof-generation times. they've also introduced true EVM compatibility. 

“You can build on Polygon zkEVM the same way you would on Ethereum. You can deploy any Ethereum smart contract. Any tooling that works with Ethereum will work on Polygon zkEVM. Do anything you would do on Ethereum, for lower cost and at greater speeds, and have it verified on the Ethereum network via a ZK validity proof. It’s Ethereum, but with ZK scalability.”

Polygon built zKEVM as a permissionless open source solution The code for zKEVM has been published and is available to anyone to use. 

The Polygon said the ZKEVM test net will soon be live but provided no further details about potential launch dates.

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