Qatar Airways releases ‘QVerse’ metaverse experience

Qatar Airways released a 'QVerse' metaverse experience that simulates boarding one of the company's luxurious planes. passengers can now visit QVerse to get a virtual preview of their future flight thanks to being a digital guide.

Qatar Airways releases ‘QVerse’ metaverse experience

When people visit the 'QVerse' homepage they are welcomed by a flight attendant from Qatar Airways who guides them via the virtual version of the International Airport of Hamad. Visitors can view Economy and QSuite seats in Qatar Airways airplanes. 

Qatar Airways aims to extend this first metaverse offering in the coming months. Qatar Airways executives think that the metaverse represents a technological breakthrough that will "empower humans"

To make its 'QVerse' more comprehensive Qatar Airways states it is compatible with Meta's Quest VR headset. The airline noted that it might shortly allow customers to purchase NFT flight cards in the metaverse.

Qatar Airways is most interested in refining its 'QVerse' it is not opposed to working with other metaverse platforms. Qatar Airways reported that it was discovering opportunities in games like Decentraland and The Sandbox. 

Qatar Airways are interested in using Web3 in their business strategies, Emirates Airlines as well ambitious metaverse plans. 

Adel Ahmed Al Redha UAE CEO said his company is interested in many aspects of blockchain technology as NFTs crypto payments and the metaverse. Emirates states will shortly accept bitcoins for tickets and plan to release NFTs with loyalty profits. 

Qatar Airways appears to have a similar idea with its future NFT drops. The Australian airline revealed that it would mint NFT which may provide Qantas frequent bounce points. 

While the mentioned airlines are still developing their NFTs, AirBaltic has already declared several NFT series. The Latvian-based company was the initial main airline to mint NFTs on the ETH blockchain AirBaltic even has a 10K PEP NFT series named "Planies"

Also the smaller Taiwanese airline Tigerair cooperated with the MaiCoin platform to declare NFTs with its animated tiger mascot. Tigerair also stated that a lucky NFT holder would win a fight against France. 

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