Ripple onboards more than 4,000 artists for its new NFT platform

Ripple has declared the onboarding of approx 4,000 singers, musicians, content creators, game designers, and other artists into its NFT platform with a creator Fund worth more than $250 million. 

Ripple onboards more than 4,000 artists for its new NFT platform

The blockchain producer is planning to support artists and creative agencies such as Mintable, MintNFT, VSA Partners, NFT PRO, Ethernal Labs, and onXRP. 

The creator fund will be allocated on a batch basis with a varying theme for each "wave" of applications.

Ethernal labs chief executive officer and founder Nick Rose, stated:

“This partnership allows us to bolster the Web 3 ecosystem by pioneering cross-chain interoperability and bringing NFTs and digital assets to the masses.”

Famous artists onboarded for this collection include Justin Bua, filmmaker Steven Sebring, and xPunks. they have come together to connect the convocation of diverse artists. 

"I am extremely excited to be one of the first visual artists working with Ripple to bring life to my artistic vision in this tokenized world and lend the support I need to grow the BUA community," said Justin Bua. 


Ripple creator fund for the next application waves, independent and rookie creators can also shoot their material to join the Creator Fund. As the only creator-centered platform in the market, Ripple is firm with its purpose of assisting creators to expand their careers and build their community with the help of the XRP ledger. 

The theme of the ongoing wave will be declared in the second quarter this year, the rotation themes will allow the current NFTs to use cases on the ledger, with various themed exploring Media & Entertainment, Sustainability, and Real Estate

The launch of the NFT Devnet, a beta development environment aiming to assist more NFT creators in the industry, signaled a new turn in the industry. 

Ripple is slowly venturing into the world of web 3.0 with the use of cases for tokenized assets. One report said that it had recently invested $100,000 to Feature, an entertainment and music marketplace. 

The entry to Web 3.0 is due to the possible utility increase of the XRP ledger ecosystem with the addition of their ledger marketplaces like Feature will have lower fees and a quicker settlement process. 

Monica long the general manager of the app development arm RIpplex, commented on the growing pace of the NFT market and the need to maximize its potential. 

“NFTs have very quickly proven to have real utility within crypto — from digital experiences and rewards to artist royalties, co-ownership of real-world assets, and more.”

Ripple will host the Ripple House at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. 

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