Salesforce announced the launch of a pilot NFT platform

American software company Salesforce launches pilot NFT platform NFT Cloud on which users can mint and trade such digital assets. 

Salesforce announced the launch of a pilot NFT platform

The Company has not declared information regarding when the platform will be available to users. 

Salesforce views the newly launched product as a way to connect to its customers and "make NFT selling more accessible" according to the coverage by TechCrunch.

Adam Caplan SVP of Emerging Technology at Salesforce describes NFTs as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. He said that these digital assets already showed utilities in multiple fields. including retail, media, fashion, and consumer goods.

The companies did not reveal which blockchains and wallets NFT Cloud will support in the future. It only indicates that the platform will link data communities, and allow users to "deploy from secure sustainable technology"

The company's "net-zero emission commitment" the NFT Cloud pilot will not support Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain as it sees the consensus mechanism as a major cause of waste in electronic energy instead it stated that it prefers Proof-of-Stake over PoW

Salesforce's interest in blockchain technology could be traced back to 2018 when it announced it was working on a blockchain project. Samsung Venture in a funding round investing a total of $35 million in a blockchain company called Digital Asset holdings.

Salesforce noted that with just 30% of organizations providing cryptocurrency as a payment option also 46% of entities plan to provide such a service to customers in the next two years.