Spotra Private Sale Start Soon

Spotra is dedicated to sports marketing, sports NFT asset trading, sports middle-tier infrastructure implementation, and game application development.

Spotra Private Sale Start Soon

Spotra  private sale has start soon! we have Start our Private Sale Soon to our early supporters and already participated! We are excited to have you join us!

Spotra Ecosystem

Gaming Portal

Spotra gaming portal will offer variety of games to users allowing them to play-and-earn rewards in STRA and such other cryptocurrency. Players will be able to participate in games using their member NFT cards.

Esports Media Outlet

An e-sport media outlet that updates with latest news, events and information about e-sports industry. It will managed and run by STRA community.

NFT Market

Spotra NFT market is a place to buy, sell and create NFTs for gaming industry. Unlike other marketplaces allowing all types of NFTs, Spotra NFT Market will allow only gaming related NFTs.

Travel Platform

Travel platform is an essential part of the Spotra ecosystem as it makes Spotra community eligible to travel around using STRA coins and NFTs. Travel NFTs are special kind of tokens that is allocated as whole travel package to users.

NFT Swapping

Spotra NFT swapping DEX is built to allow users swap their Spotra NFTs such as players cards, event tickets, signatures, gaming items, etc. NFT swapping depends on the item’s rarity rather than the price of that particular NFT.

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