Twitter adds BTC and ETH price indexes to search function

Twitter has added a new feature that enables users to search the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) by typing their names or tickers into the Twitter search bar. 

Twitter adds BTC and ETH price indexes to search function

Twitter searches for $Bitcoin, Bitcoin price, BTC, and BTC price pulls up a price graph with equivalent searches working for Ethereum too.

The new feature is an improvement $cashtags and was declared by the Twitter official account on Dec 21.

The account noted that whenever one tweets the symbol of a major stock exchange-traded fund or cryptocurrency with $ in front of it people will be able to see a clickable link that takes to search results that now will include the pricing graphs for those symbols. 

The ticker symbol whether for stock or crypto will bring up the price graph.

Elon musk retweeted the announcement of the new feature stating that it is one of many product improvements coming to financial Twitter. 

It shows that BTC and ETH cryptocurrencies with graph other top cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin have not cut yet. 

Furthermore, Twitter business expressed that it expects to expand its coverage of symbols and improve user experience in a few weeks.

Jane Mastodon Wong, a Tech blogger noted 158,700 Twitter followers that the graph is sourced from the trading analysis platform TradingView.

The price graph also includes a View on Robinhood link that can be clicked in the bottom left-hand corner suggesting that the retail trading platform has teamed up with Twitter for this integration. 

These users are brought to Robinhood's price graph for ETH which provides an additional link below stating Sign up to Buy Ethereum this will same for Bitcoin.

Furthermore, Twitter price graph integration may lead to more traffic to Robinhood as Bitcoin alone is tweeted roughly 120,000 times daily. 

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