X-Level: Introducing the first ever community owned decentralized trading platform

X-Level is a trading platform which is completely owned by its community.

X-Level: Introducing the first ever community owned decentralized trading platform

While DeFi trading is growing, the industry is creating multiple opportunities for everyone to grow along. Most of the young entrepreneurs today are getting into the blockchain and crypto sector as it is the latest tech sector and is growing rapidly. The value of the crypto market is going to increase in the coming months and years, but the reality is it’s still a new and speculative asset class. As it is currently the hottest sector across all, it has a tremendous growth rate in upcoming times.

X-Level is providing a platform for everyone who is a crypto enthusiast and sees a potential future in this sector. Every member of the X-Level community is an individual entrepreneur who works for their own goals. Joining process for X-Level is simple, all users have to sign up to create an account. Every member will be provided with a unique ID which can identify the user account and help them in logging back into the X-Level platform.

What are the benefits of joining X-Level?

  • Trading Signals

All the members will receive trading signals from professional traders for Spot as well as F&O trading.

  • Analytics & Research

Weekly market research and analytic report that gives trading suggestions, top-movers lists and other reporting.

  • Network Effects

Every member benefits from greater network effects with X-Level spread all around the world.

The utmost advantage of joining X-Level is becoming a part of a decentralized community of like minded traders and growing your network. Every individual becomes a member of the X-Level decentralized community. There are lesser

What users get along with joining X-Level!

Access to community: Members get access to the community platform and connect to thousands of other traders and global community members. 

Trading Analysis: Get access to trading classes and lectures prepared by professional trades with trading tips, tricks & strategies.

Guidance from Mentors: All the community members will be guided by the mentors and have the benefits of great network effects.

As the X-Level is a community platform, it focuses on mutual growth and looks for achieving organizational success. The core value providing aspects for X-Level is mentorship, entrepreneurship and networking. With the foundation focusing on forming a global community, X-Level sees itself as the first community owned decentralized trading platform.