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Major Australian bank to decline ‘certain’ payments to...

Commonwealth Bank (CBA), the largest bank in Australia, has announced that it will refuse or temporarily hold specific payments to...

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Do Kwon could serve prison in both US and South Korea,...

South Korean prosecutor Dan Sunghan argues that extraditing Kwon to South Korea is the more logical choice, although he acknowledges...

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Apple confirms acquisition of AR startup Mira following...

Apple's recent acquisition of Mira, an augmented reality (AR) startup specializing in hands-free, smartphone-powered headsets, comes...

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SEC crackdown on BinSEC crackdown on Binance and Coinbase...

In the past 48 hours, decentralized exchanges (DEX) have experienced a significant increase in total daily trading volumes, with a...

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Mattel Launches FAST & FURIOUS NFT Collection

Mattel has ventured into the world of NFTs before, and their success with projects like the Boss Beauties x Barbie collection and...

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Anchorage Digital opens up DeFi voting for custody clients

Anchorage has joined other platforms like AAVE, Lido, and BitDAO in adopting the off-chain voting platform called Snapshot.

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Shiba Inu achieves new single-day burn record

In a remarkable display of community participation, the Shiba Inu burn rate witnessed a significant surge as more than 3.03 billion...

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BlockFi used customer money to buy $30M insurance, creditors...

Creditors of the bankrupt cryptocurrency lending firm, BlockFi, have filed a court document in response to the company's restructuring...

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European Union finance ministers vote unanimously to adopt...

EU finance ministers approve MiCA crypto regulation

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China is developing AI without US chips: Here’s how

China is pushing ahead with the development of homegrown artificial intelligence (AI) despite sanctions by the United States that...

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Dogecoin Drops Sharply After Twitter Blue Bird Returns

Popular Memecoin Dogecoin the eighth biggest cryptocurrency by market cap and Elon Musk's favorite has continued to go down. 

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Solana reveals low-cost NFTs with state compression

Blockchain giant Solana expresses the introduction of state compression a new feature that will significantly reduce the cost of NFT...

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Ethereum ‘re-staking’ protocol EigenLayer launches on testnet

Ethereum validators and speakers allow to re-stake their assets onto other emerging networks has just launched on Testnet. 

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Reddit deploys Gen 3 NFT avatar contracts on Polygon

Online discussion platform Reddit has deployed the third generation of its blockchain-based digital collectibles dubbed Reddit Avatars...

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Tether accessed US banking system using Signature

New York regulators take control of Signature in March there was reportedly a system in place for Tether Clients to send dollars via...

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