Bentley Motors ready to drop its Genesis NFT collection on Polygon

Bentley believes NFTs can get transform the luxury automotive space just like they disrupted the art industry. 

Bentley Motors ready to drop its Genesis NFT collection on Polygon

British luxury car manufacturer Bentley Motors Limited is dipping its toes into the Web3 ecosystem with the launch NFT collection on Polygon 

The one-time NFT collection is set to drop in September 2022 and will feature 208 pieces only. The number of NFTs is symbolic in that it represents the highest speed of Bentley's Grand Tourer the Continental GT Speed 208 represents the total number of the 1952 Type continental. 

Company design will be in charge of creating the NFT collection that purchases the NFTs will get unique access and rewards from Bentley. The car manufacturer did not disclose the NFT's price tag. 

Furthermore, Bentley promised to direct the sale proceeds towards supporting students interested in engineering design and manufacturing also, the company aims to use the funds to support organizations that push for sustainability in the transportation industry. 

The car manufacturer chose to drop its NFT collection on Polygon because the network is carbon neutral per the announcement the Bentley NFTs will be eco-friendly helping the company build on its commitment to achieving end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030.

Bentley has become the second automobile company to enter the NFT market Hyundai came first after collaborating with NFT project Meta Kongz in April. 

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