Bitcoin rewards company GoSats launches cashback rewards card in India

Users earn the rewards in BTC from GoSats’ reward cards in India as the company launches the Bitcoin rewards card in india.

Bitcoin rewards company GoSats launches cashback rewards card in India

GoSats initially set the base for wider adoption of digital currencies in the 2nd most popular country of the world.

This new reward card is being launched with the partnership of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). NPCI is not for profit organisation promoting digital payments and settlement system across the india. 

In shopping with major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Starbucks, GoSats rewards card give cash back rewards in BTC. GoSats rewards card is accessible through browser extension and mobile app. Company was based in Stacks network which gives smart contracts and apps for Bitcoin. Stacks’  Clarity smart contracts & “Stacking” provides users a way to earn Bitcoin through the STX token

The NPCI partnership suggests that the Firm is trying to avoid any regulatory rules in rolling out its services. GoSats’ CEO and co-founder, Mohammed Roshan, said that the partnership will allow his company to “offer users bitcoin earning opportunities using NPCI’s existing card network,” adding:

“Beforehand, people could only get bitcoin cas hback on specific brands through our app but now can earn cashback in bitcoin on every spend.”

Launched in February 2021, GoSats has gathered over 15k consumers in just 6 months, underscoring pent-up demand for digital asset services in the country. India’s history with cryptocurrencies has been volatile, to say the least. Policymakers appeared to be on the verge of banning crypto altogether, but have since softened their stance.

Crypto credit cards and cashback reward programs are growing in popularity as digital assets continue to permeate the mainstream. 

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