Deus Finance Hacked again Approx $13 Million Stolen

Blockchain security company PeackShield reported that Deus Finance was exploited approx $13.4 million. 

Deus Finance Hacked again Approx $13 Million Stolen

The hacker went via a familiar route by using a flash loan-assisted manipulation price oracle that "reads from the StableV1 AMM-USDC/DEI pair."

Hacker managed to manipulate the price of collateral DEI and used it to borrow and drain the pool. 

Hacker managed to steal approx $13.4 million worth of digital assets. However, PeackShield warned that the losses for the protocol could be significantly higher. 

The hackers borrowed approx 800 ETH to launch the hack, all withdrawn from Tomado Cash and tunneled to Fantom via Multichain.

The hacker's address currently shows that they have swapped the stolen funds for ETH and have sent them back to Tornado Cash. 

The hacker in that incident used an identical approach, but the stolen amount was a lot smaller - approx $3 million in DAO and ETH. 

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