Duolingo language-learning application stepping into the metaverse

Duolingo is an American language-learning app that provides language certification is entering into the Metaverse with the launch of the first-of-its-kind activation in Roblox which empowers developers and reminds users to do their homework.

Duolingo language-learning application stepping into the metaverse

In a user-generated gaming metaverse, we're creating unofficial Duolingo apps. to reward these super fans Duolingo released a game jam that enabled developers to submit their games to be featured in Duolingo's virtual space.

The play games allow users to earn coins in Duo UGC. Duolingo's native digital currency this coin can be used to by Duolingo branded goods.

Users earn twice as many community-developed games. the idea is to encourage users to try out other user-generated content.

James Kuczynski Company's brand and marketing said that the company plan to create an experience in Roblox which would empower their fans to create.

The Duolingo project indicates that at least for now the company is betting on a decentralized metaverse and a community-oriented approach it is certain that the metaverse should allow Duolingo to improve its teaching and language learning programs by making them more creative and engaging.

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