Ethereum devs create ‘shadow fork’ to test Ether withdrawals

Ethereum Shanghai update draws closer Ethereum developer created a testing environment shadow fork. 

Ethereum devs create ‘shadow fork’ to test Ether withdrawals

Developers are attempting to attack the forked test net with malicious nodes to see if they can find vulnerabilities. 

Go-Ethereum developer Marius Van Der Wijden tweeted post the new tester appears to have been created to test the conditions needed for ETH staking withdrawals.

withdrawal Mainnet SHadow fork 1 a shadow fork is a fork of the manner that is intended to be used only for testing purposes. 

Van Der Wijden express that he and another developer named Potuz will create malicious nodes that will send bad blocks and messages to other nodes on the test net and try to convince them to join a false version of the network currently the network is running smoothly but Van Der Wijden has said that the upgrade can prevent malicious attacks or if further changes need to be made before it is implemented on Mainnet. 

The launch of this Testnet comes after developers have expressed an increasing urgency to make ETH staking withdrawals they held a meeting during which they agreed to exclude the proposed EVM object format from the shanghai upgrade EOF was intended to make Ethereum easier to upgrade in the future.

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