Ethereum Testnet successfully forks in Shanghai upgrade rehearsal

Ethereum Shanghai upgrade approaches next month the network's Sepolia Testnet has successfully upgraded simulating the scheduled hard fork. 

Ethereum Testnet successfully forks in Shanghai upgrade rehearsal

The Ethereum blockchain's Sepolia Testnet successful upgrade that simulates the upcoming shanghai hard fork is expected to take place on the mainnet in March. 

The Shapella upgrade which combines the names of the upcoming Shanghai and Capella hard forks was successfully implemented on the Testnet on Feb 28. 

Shanghai is the fork's name on the execution layer client side and Capella is the upgrade name on the consensus layer client side. the major update enables validators to withdraw their staked Ether (stETH) from the Beacon chain back to the execution layer. 

Ethereum validators must be needed to stake 32 Ether (ETH) to validate on the Ethereum blockchain they will now able to withdraw rewards above 32 ETH and be permitted to keep validating while those who wish to fully withdraw can take all 32 ETH plus rewards and cease validating. 

In preparation for the Shanghai fork going live on the Mainnet, the Ethereum Goerli Testnet is scheduled to receive the upgrade, starting in March.

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