Ethereum will outpace Visa with zkEVM Rollups

zKEVM Rollups a new scaling solution for Ethereum, will allow the smart contract protocol to outpace Visa in terms of transaction throughput said Polygon co-founder Mihailo Bjelic.

Ethereum will outpace Visa with zkEVM Rollups

A new scaling solution zKEVM Rollups could allow Ethereum to overcome Visa in terms of transaction throughput.

Polygon recently claimed to be the First to implement a zKEVM scaling solution that aims at reducing Ethereum's transaction fees and improving its throughput. This Layer 2 protocol can bundle together several transactions and then relay them to the Ethereum network as a single transaction. 

According to Bjelic represents the Holy Grail of Web3 as it offers security scalability and full compatibility with Ethereum which means developers won't have to learn a new programing language to work with it. 

"When you launch a scaling solution, you ideally want to preserve that developer experience. Otherwise, there will be a lot of friction," explained Bjelic. 

According to Sandeep Nailwal Polygon's second co-Founder, this solution will slice Ethereum fees by 90% and increase transaction throughput to 40 to 50 transactions per second. 

Furthermore, Bjelic expressed ZKEVM Rollups could one day handle thousands of transactions per second thus outpacing mainstream payment systems such as Visa. 

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