Fashion brand H&M opens its first store in metaverse

H&M, the renowned clothing brand based in Sweden has finally opened its very first store in Metaverse. Through its virtual store in Metaverse, the clothing brand will be able to offer its customers a 3D shopping experience in its virtual store.

Fashion brand H&M opens its first store in metaverse

H&M the renowned clothing brand situated in Sweden has opened its first store in Metaverse. In comparison to the other giant brands Such as Nike, Adidas, and Zara which joined the metaverse rather early, H&M is a bit late to join the trends. As It's been said, "it is slow on the uptake, but still good enough;" and H&M through this move is good to offer its customers a brilliant experience. Through its virtual store in Metaverse, the clothing brand will be able to offer its customer a 3D shipping experience in its virtual store innovation is offering a number of doors and windows to explore and it seems like H&M has pushed one open.

The What, When, and Where

Hennes and Mauritz AB aka H&M didn't need a special introduction or presentation of this multinational brand that speaks for itself. H&M is reputed for its quality fashion offered at reasonable prices in a sustainable way. And now they have hit another achievement as they open their first store in the metaverse. Through the Metaverse, the customer will be able to walk around the store. go through their preferred items and get one, and get it in the remain of CEEK city, CEEk city is the 3D digital world and it is not much unique from our actual physical world. Furthermore, the installment for these articles of clothing ought to be made through CEEK. Notwithstanding, clients additionally have the choice to arrange these articles of clothing later on utilizing CEEK cash from the actual H&M stores.

One more major highlight of this move is the fact that this H&M holds the credit for being the first retail clothing store in the metaverse. This move is additionally a generous move forward for CEEK VR as they improve the opportunity to investigate new skylines that go past gaming.

The CEEK City

CEEK is a metaverse project that made a platform where artists, athletes, and other digital content creators can connect directly with their fanks in the digital world. Through CEEL's NFT marketplace, people reality environments in the metaverse. And it is based on Ethereum As of now, CEEK gives a few vivid VR encounters in the CEEK City going from theater and show fields to sports fields and parlors. The CEEK tokens can be utilized to make buys.

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