Google Cloud now provides blockchain insights for Polygon Network

Blockchain data for Polygon Network, an Ethereum scaling solution, is now available on Google’s Cloud platform.

Google Cloud now provides blockchain insights for Polygon Network

Integration with Google BigQuery enables developers to analyse on-chain data on Polygon Network, previously known as Matic, in a more simple way. With the help of BigQuery, Polygon's datasets have now been listed in the Google Cloud Marketplace under the public financial services category.

Following the integration, potential benefits are said to include the monitoring of gas fees, smart contracts, and determining the most popular tokens or applications on the network.

Google BigQuery is an information warehouse that acts as an indexer and provides powerful data analysis which can be performed across multiple blockchains. It also enables comparison between networks or the tracking of interoperable tokens.

The Ethereum L2 solution, Polygon said that being able to go through insights from the 6 million-plus daily transactions on its blockchain "will go a long way towards growing and building the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems."

Polygon Network has recently received investment from billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban.