Hollywood motion picture vehicle designer gives NFT digital assets real-world utility

The Metaverse is a way to bridge the real world to the virtual one, the reverse can also be true. 

Hollywood motion picture vehicle designer gives NFT digital assets real-world utility

The Metaverse is quickly becoming a reality, driving its way into different aspects of our lives, including games, work, and social engagements may look to the Metaverse only as a way that we can enhance our physical reality by extending the realm of what is possible. The resulting process has been taking a concept and bringing it to design to prototype and prototype to the metaverse this is the linear path that many real-world items travel to enter the realm of Web3.

The reverse application. Consider that concepts from the metaverse can be extended into the real world such as nonfungible tokens from virtual concepts to real-life prototypes and later to a working model. 

Bringing this concept to reality for what is said to be the first time is the project for Y0 NFTs. These NFTs were founded in 2022 by Matthew Cunningham, an industrial designer known for his expertise in advanced vehicle design. With this background, Matthew is set to make science fiction meet reality with his NFT concept cars. The first phase of development which includes a collection of four limited-edition vehicles will allow for game-changing driving experiences in the metaverse and a printable version that can come to life on a user's home 3D printer. 

The aim of these concepts can be created now and future with proper manufacturing and propulsion technology being brought to lift. these NFTs will retain a user's rights to build the concept indefinitely. 

The project holds a strong foundation with Cunningham's extensive experience in advanced design projects for world-renowned car brands like Audi, BMW, Bentley, Toyota, and Volkswagen. Also includes a comparable experience with top motion picture studios like Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, and Universal Pictures to conceptualize and design concept vehicles for movies and shows like Space Jam 2, Aquaman, and Westworld. 

With Web3 on the brink of worldwide adoption, Y0 NFT positions itself to become a trendsetter and to be the glue between NFTs, car enthusiasts, and Hollywood motion pictures by supplying the world with brilliantly designed 3D NFT concept vehicles and enabling a game-changing driving experience. 

Furthermore, The Y0 collection is looking to extend its offering with three additional 3D Vehicles NFTs. The Y0 collection will further establish this bridge between the metaverse and real-life through continued releases.

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