Hyundai files new trademark for NFTs and VR

South Korean automobile company Hyundai is getting into NFTs the newest evidence is the company's latest trademark filings covering a wide range of NFTs and virtual reality possibilities.

Hyundai files new trademark for NFTs and VR

Hyundai has more plans for the Metaverse. Hyundai has filed a US trademark application for NFTs + NFT-backed media, Issuing trading and verifying NFTs, Virtual clothing, Footwear, sports gear, Virtual avatar + car images, and more.

Hyundai filed the new trademark application on July 6, 2022, they cover NFTs as well consider VR apparel, footwear, and sports equipment.

Mike Kondoudis, a trademark and patent advocate initially published the news on Twitter Post that Hyundai seems to be gearing up for another Web3-related move given their previous successes in the held. But the language in the trademark application and the actual specifics are unclear. 

Hyundai will release an NFT series named "Shooting Star" on May 9th and 10th where Metakkong found a star attached to the windshield wiper of a Hyundai Pony the "Shooting Star" NFT drop used a common delayed reveal tactic where a placeholder photo was placed over the real NFT photo until it was displayed. 

Hyundai has taken its web3 to a higher level even among other competitors as well. it has created a community of NFT collectors. that include values 

Furthermore, As evidenced by the moves of Hyundai and others in the space automobile and the auto industry took seriously NFTs and the Web3 world.

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