Indian Sports lovers can now vote for their favorite team's jersey using blockchain

Sportzchain India's Single platform connecting sports teams and fans. has launched the alpha phase of its decentralized fan tokens platform.

Indian Sports lovers can now vote for their favorite team's jersey using blockchain

Fans can vote their opinions count with Sportzchain be it on deciding jersey for the team's training sessions or other elements. The users can vote polls for two Kabaddi and one Cricket team to express approval or disapproval of team decisions. the native token of the platform $SPN will be minted in August 2022, whose possession will be necessary to gain access to the Sportzchain fan tokens. 

Furthermore, This is the first time ever in the India arena that the platform is enabling fans to impact a team's sporting decisions like training, Jersy design, playing schedules, etc. 

According to Siddharth Jaiswal founder and CEO of Sportzchain, "we are planning to induct three polls soon, as well we launch fan tokens so that they can join tokenized membership of their favourite team's sporting decision."

Sportzchain founded in March will provide fans with an implementable poll platform that ensures their involvement in a team's growth journey. 

Fan tokens and the blockchain-powered fan engagement platform digger significantly from Twitter polls. Twitter polls can impact non-team decisions. blockchain powered fan engagement platform allows sports fans to get involved and influence team decisions directly with the blockchain element providing authenticity and accountability. 

Sportzchain currently has the Kabbadi teams of Dabbang Delhi and Tamil Thailaivas and Iceland Cricket team under their binding poll belt. 

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