Infura is developing a decentralized marketplace that will help to prevent Web3 app crashes in the future

Infura is developing a decentralized marketplace of data providers that will help to prevent web3 app crashes in the future. 

Infura is developing a decentralized marketplace that will help to prevent Web3 app crashes in the future

The initial Dfura marketplace which is in the development stage is expected to include 10 web3 data providers. 

According to Patrick McCorry, the new decentralized infura will help to ensure that blockchain remains decentralized by distributing data provider services among multiple providers in a marketplace it will have up to 10 providers. that will work together to bootstrap the network and then gradually iterate and get more players.

Some potential partners will meet at ETH Denver in late Feb or early march to discuss the project's next step.

The new project will not be a new blockchain it will be a marketplace that matches consumers of blockchain data with data providers.

"There will be a marketplace where basically the new providers will sign up they'will have some stick in the system, they can place the resources that they have available so i can say i can satisfy these requests at this price. users could come along and buy those resources and then it's like a matchmaking service of users."

MCCorry believes this will make the Web3 ecosystem more resilient by allowing users to rapidly switch to a new provider if the one they are currently using experiences an outage. he also stated that the new Dfura may be more censorship resistant than the current service because providers will be spread out over many different geographical locations and operating under different jurisdictions.

Infura is a suite of APIs and developers tools that are used by Web3 app developers to pull data from blockchains. it is used by many web3 apps including MetaMask, Gnosis, Aragon, and others. also used by centralized exchanges to track deposit and withdrawal transactions. 

Blockchain networks charge transaction fees to prevent too many transactions from overloading servers, these fees are only charged to users writing data to the blockchain infura has emerged as one way to charge developers or users for reading data. 

Infura has become used by developers it has come under fire for allegedly being too centralized in November 2020. the MetaMask wallet app stopped working for the most user when iinfura servers went down and some centralized exchanges were prevented from getting accurate transaction data from it anymore.

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