Leading DeFi platform DefiLlama forked due to internal dispute among team

The dispute has taken place within the decentralized finance analytics platform to be forked by one of its employees over the weekend.

Leading DeFi platform DefiLlama forked due to internal dispute among team

one of its employees over the weekend. 

DeFiLlama, the leading decentralized finance market data provider, has been going through internal disputes over whether or not to launch a token.

On March 19, a pseudonymous DefiLlama developer, 0xngmi announced the firm’s team was forking the platform. 0xngmi said that DefiLlama was “undergoing a hostile takeover,” and accused DefiLlama’s founders of launching a token without employee support. 

According to the tweet shared by 0xngmi, the person, controlling DefiLlama’s Twitter handle and website domain, decided to launch a token “despite everybody in the team not wanting it” announcing that the team is now forking with newer handle llama.fi and website domain.

Another pseudonymous user on twitter, Tendeeno, claiming to be a contributor on several projects of Llama Corp, the parent company of DefiLlama, said that, “Long story short, there was someone planning to launch a LLAMA token without approval of a single person on the Defillama team." 

The Llama Corp. announced on their telegram that: “0xngmi and a few team members have gone rogue, they are actively looking to seize DefiLlama IP and community while inaccurately claiming the rightful owner to be doing a hostile takeover.”

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