Marriages and court cases can be held in the Metaverse

Marriage proceedings, court case disputes, and government services may one day be offered on the Metaverse said Singapore Government

Marriages and court cases can be held in the Metaverse

Singapore's second Minister for law believes an integrated platform using the Metaverse will make the dispute resolution process more convenient and efficient. 

The TechLawFest 2022 on July 20 Singapore's Second Minister for law Ediwin Toung argued that even highly personalized intimate events such as the solemnization of marriages have taken place online in the Metaverse.

"It would not be unthinkable that, besides registration of marriages, other government services can soon be accessed online via the Metaverse."

The Minister added that there is no reason why the same cannot be done for legal services. 

Minister Tong gave the example that a legal dispute involving an accident on a construction site for ex. could be viewed in three dimensions via a single virtual platform using augmented reality technology.

“You can put yourself into the actual tunnel or the oil containment facility to look at the construction dispute from the perspective of an augmented reality, representing the actual space.”

Also stated that the technology would not preclude traditional offline hearing from taking place he noted there can always be a hybrid element. 

“I believe such an integrated platform will make the whole dispute resolution process more convenient, efficient, and it keeps pace with how the rest of the world is developing.”

Metaverse platform Decentraland hosted its first wedding on its Metaverse with a virtual crowd of 2,000 guests and the law firm Rose Law Group to legally formalize the marriage. 

Furthermore, The group's founder and president Jordan Rose claims it was the first ever wedding hosted on any blockchain-based Metaverse. 

During, South Korea's government has already been taking steps toward the Metaverse after setting aside $177 million to develop a platform for citizens to access various government services.

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