Mercedes-Benz partners with Polygon (MATIC) to launch a data-sharing platform

Mercedes-Benz and Polygon are working together to launch a platform for sharing data.

Mercedes-Benz partners with Polygon (MATIC) to launch a data-sharing platform

Daimier South East Asia, which is part of the Mercedes Benz Group has launched a blockchain-based platform for sharing data that uses the Polygon scaling solution for Ethereum Layer 2.

With Acentrik platform can buy and sell even though Acentrik was started by a Mercedes Benz employee also blockchain is used to trade many different kinds of data. 

The ledger insight report said that an NFT and a metadata hash are used to represent each dataset. 

The data will be bought and sold on the Polygon and Ethereum Rinkeby test network as a way to protect the monetary value of the data enterprises are expected to pay for it with Stablecoin. 

Polygon users will have to pay gas fees in Matic which is the native cryptocurrency of the network. 

After completing this process buyers will be able to access the data that is stored on AWS 53 or IPFS Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal said: 

“Polygon will now be the company that runs Mercedes-Benz!”

Sharing information is important in many fields including technology for machine learning and artificial intelligence to work well, they need a lot of data. some businesses have a lot of data that they've been collecting for years, while others didn't start yet. 

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