MetaMask Launches Portfolio Dapp aim Improve Web 3 Experience

Popular cryptocurrency wallet Metamask launched a portfolio decentralized application. 

MetaMask Launches Portfolio Dapp aim Improve Web 3 Experience

ConsenSys was launching a beta portfolio viewer for users to aggregate their assets across multiple accounts and networks.  

The Ethereum software solutions firm added that the new product was in response to customer requests for a portfolio dapp. 

The new dapp will be available to MetaMask extensionIOS, and Android app users who need to navigate to and connect to the wallet. 

The portfolio enables connection and monitors other accounts and wallets like cold wallets, but it was not clear when testing whether it would link up to wallets stored on centralized exchanges like Binance. 

The dApp did have full support for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) addresses and wallets. the portfolio is also multi-chain and will connect to Ethereum, BNB Smar Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism, and Abritrum. 

Another feature is an NFT section that allows users to get a holistic view of their digital art collections. ConsenSys expressed that the Portfolio view and NFT view features were not the last ones to be added and provided a link for users to propose feature ideas. 

ConsenSys declared that MetaMask institutional clients will now have access to leading custodial providers Cobo, Floating point group, liminal, and propine. 

“The latest onboarding brings the total number of custodians supported by MetaMask Institutional to eleven, further bolstering our position as the premier institutional wallet for Web3,” said Liz Mathew, global head of growth and partnerships for MMI.

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