Netflix’s Marc Randolph joins NFT

Cheeze, an NFT platform that focuses on photos has declared that Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph will join its board of directors. This news comes not long after Randolph put a lot of money into the Cheeze NFT market in two seed rounds

Netflix’s Marc Randolph joins NFT

In a recent Forbes interview, Randolph talked about how much he liked Gheeze's "usefulness" to professional photographers via NFTs Rudolph is also sure of the team that Simon Hudson the CEO of Cheeze is putting together

Hudson said that using blockchain technology to keep "information" on Cheeze's "usefulness" to experienced photographers through NFTs Rudolph is also sure of the team that Simon Hudson the CEO of Cheeze is putting together. 

Hudson said that using blockchain technology to keep "information" on Cheeze was just as important as helping photographers make money from their art, Hudson says that since all of the information about photos will be in NFTs collectors, and artists will find it easier to verify many parts of their digital artifacts. 

Cheeze is built on Dapper Labs' Flow blockchain, which lets photographers mint NFTs and sells them in virtual galleries. People could either rent their own digital storage space or join a group to split the cost Cheeze also lets people rent out gallery space to artists who want it. 

Cheeze's galleries will see specific details about each NFT, like "ISO speed and "focal length" Cheeze also says that it will make it easier for IOS and Android phones to manage and mint NFTs.

Cheeze is now being tested, and there is, on the other hand, brands and individual artists can now apply for space to show their work on Cheeze's main website. 

Photo NFTs may not be as popular as animated pip collections, but they are getting more and more popular on Web3 in 2021. the Widow of Chris Cornell held one of the most talked-about NFT picture auctions. She sold photos from her husband's last photoshoot. 

Cryptograph co, these rare NFT photos of the late Soundgarden singer sold for almost $22,000 all of this money was given to the Phoenix House treatment center in California. 

Blockchain technology is being used by more and more photography companies, and not just for high-profile NFT auctions, Most importantly, Getty images just made a deal with the NFT platform Candy Digital to work together. Under this agreement, Getty images' huge picture library could be used to make NFT versions of candy. 

Adobe's Behance is another important company that now lets photographers make money from their work as NFTs. Behance is not a platform for photography in and of itself. but it does make it easy for photographers to show NFTs of their work from Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana.

Most popular NFT marketplaces have a photography tab as well, for Example, OpenSea has a place where artists and collectors can look at the newest picture of NFTs.

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