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Solana reveals low-cost NFTs with state compression

Blockchain giant Solana expresses the introduction of state compression a new feature that will significantly reduce the cost of NFT...

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Gnosis launched Hashi bridge aggregator to secure DeFi...

The developers of Gnosis Safe multi-sig and Gnosis Chain have launched a hash oracle aggregator for blockchain bridges. 

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Polygon Launches zkEVM Mainnet Beta, Will It Reduce Costs...

Polygon Labs express which is set to impact the Ethereum network has launched Polygon zero-knowledge proof Ethereum Virtual Machine...

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Arbitrum tokens already trading in OTC market even before...

Crypto community is speculating the pricing for Arbitrum’s unreleased ARB tokens and has started dealing over the OTC market even...

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Polygon Labs and Immutable set to launch a new zkEVM to...

Polygon and Immutable join forces with zkEVM to take on gaming industry incumbents exploiting players.

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Alchemy Launches Dapp Builder for the Next Billion Web3...

Alchemy hopes its new create Web3 dApp or CW3D platform that will help bring more people into decentralized technologies. 

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Eclipse to Introduce Rollup Blockchain for Polygon Network...

Customizable rollup provider Eclipse expresses that the startup is launching a scaling solution that is compatible with Solana and...

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Google Cloud partners with Tezos blockchain to develop...

Google's cloud computing has a partnership with Tezos blockchain to see it becoming a network validator. 

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Ankr partnership with Microsoft to offer enterprise node...

Ankr a decentralized blockchain provider and Microsoft to launch a new node hosting service on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. 

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Breaking: Helium Network is migrating to Solana in March...

The communications protocol Helium Network is set to migrate to the Solana blockchain on March 27 and deployment aims for scalability...

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Terraform Labs and CEO Do Kwon Facing SEC Charged Over...

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Terraform labs and its CEO Do Hyeong Kwon with fraud alleging...

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Polygon unveils date for beta mainnet launch of its zero-knowledge...

Polygon's late march launch date for its zero-knowledge zkEVM technology. 

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Zilliqa plans to rollout THUND3RZ Web3 gaming and lightning...

Zilliqa expresses plans to launch a Web3 gaming console planned to onboard millions of non-crypto users into its ecosystem. 

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Aave Launches Stablecoin GHO on Ethereum Goerli Testnet...

Aave a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project has expressed the launch of a stablecoin called GHO on the Ethereum testnet network Goeril. 

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Infura is developing a decentralized marketplace that will...

Infura is developing a decentralized marketplace of data providers that will help to prevent web3 app crashes in the future. 

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