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Aave Protocol V3 deploys on Ethereum offering new risk...

Aave deploys V3 on Ethereum after 10 months of testing on other networks.

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Terra lending protocol Mars Hub to launch mainnet

The Terra lending protocol MarsHub has expressed that it will launch its independent Cosmos application chain on January 31.

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Is OpenAI end of Google

Google dominates the market through a combination of factors, including its powerful search algorithm, a vast network of partnerships...

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Cardano unveiled eTukTuk project will begin operation in...

Cardano Unveils world first Automotive project in Davos. 

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FTX: Collapsed crypto exchange says $415m was hacked

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX says that approx $415M of crypto has been stolen by hackers.

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Ethereum Validator Count Surpasses 500,000 Ahead of Upcoming...

Ethereum network validators on the Beacon chain exceeded 5,00,000 as of Jan 12, 2023. the validator milestone comes as Ethereum core...

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Cardano ecosystem set to expand with custom-built sidechains

The Cardano toolkit will allow creators of sidechains to choose their consensus mechanism and other application-specific features,...

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Polygon Proposes Hard Fork to address, Gas fee spikes

Polygon has plans to substantial upgrade within a week. 

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Optimism and arbitrum flip Ethereum transaction volume

Layer 2 Network Arbitrum and Optimism have seen an increase in trading activity during the past three months. Etherscan reports that...

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Ava Labs partners with AWS to offer one-click node deployment

Ava Labs, the developer of the Avalanche network has collaborated with Amazone Web Service (AWS) to implement new features intended...

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Cryptosat launches second ‘cryptographically-equipped’...

The Company behind a crypto-satellite module launched in May has expressed its blockchain-related infrastructure went into Earth orbit.

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BMW Partners With Coinweb to Develop Blockchain-Based Vehicle...

BMW the luxury car manufacturer has collaborated with Coinweb a decentralized blockchain layer 2-based company to introduce blockchain-based...

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Telegram allow to create accounts using blockchain based...

Telegram to allow no-sim accounts via anon-blockchain-numbers

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Polygon-based applications can soon run on fully decentralized...

Polygon APIs to soon Deploy on Web3 indexing Service the graph.

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Ethereum Staking Withdrawals Enter Testnet Stage, Price...

The price of ETH has increased to over $1200 since it was announced. 

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