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CryptoUnity is the leading independent digital media resource covering a wide range of Ethereum News on. Our team delivers the most accurate and up-to-date Ethereum News from both the decentralized and centralized worlds.

Our editorial content is based on our passion to deliver unbiased Ethereum News, in-depth analytics, comprehensive cryptocurrency price charts, insightful opinion pieces, as well as regular reports on the social transformation that digital currencies bring.

We work every day to help educate our readers and increase awareness of the intricacies and advantages offered in today’s digital revolution.

CryptoUnityNews is a website dedicated to providing the latest news, analysis, and insights on Ethereum. 

Our platform covers all the major aspects of the Ethereum ecosystem, including development, applications, decentralized finance (DeFi), and more. Our team of expert writers delivers quick and easy-to-read articles that keep our readers up to date with the latest developments in the world of Ethereum. 

We cover a wide range of topics, including market trends, price analysis, scalability, security, and new innovations. Whether you're a seasoned Ethereum investor or a curious newcomer, CryptoUnityNews is your go-to source for reliable and informative Ethereum news

We strive to provide our readers with a comprehensive understanding of the Ethereum ecosystem and its potential, helping them make informed decisions in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

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Ethereum ‘re-staking’ protocol EigenLayer launches on testnet

Ethereum validators and speakers allow to re-stake their assets onto other emerging networks has just launched on Testnet. 

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Ethereum devs confirm epoch & date for Shapella upgrade

Following the upgrade, Validators will soon be able to withdraw their staked ETH from the Beacon chain.

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Ethereum Foundation doubled bug bounty to $500k for mainnet's...

With Ethereum’s much-anticipated Shapella upgrade coming closer, the Ethereum Foundation has increased the bug bounty for developers...

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Arbitrum Launches Self-Executing DAO Governance Model That...

The Ethereum layer two L2 scaling solution Arbitrum has launched a native governance token called ARB and a self-executing decentralized...

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Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Now Deployed On Goerli Testnet

The Ethereum Shanghai upgrade is complete and soon to reality as developers express that the Ethereum hard fork is undergoing testing...

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Ethereum Price Indicators Suggest High Chances of Upside...

Ethereum price indicates higher above the $1640 level. ETH surpasses $1660 and $1700 bullish momentum. 

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Ethereum Testnet successfully forks in Shanghai upgrade...

Ethereum Shanghai upgrade approaches next month the network's Sepolia Testnet has successfully upgraded simulating the scheduled hard...

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Ethereum's Shapella Upgrade Receives New Date, Allowing...

Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko express that the Shapella (Shanghai/Capella) upgrade is scheduled for Feb 28. 

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Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Donates $150,000 to...

Vitalik Buterin, a co-founder of Ethereum, has demonstrated his compassion and solidarity with the individuals impacted by the recent...

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Ethereum devs create ‘shadow fork’ to test Ether withdrawals

Ethereum Shanghai update draws closer Ethereum developer created a testing environment shadow fork. 

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ENS Collaborated with Coinbase aim to add human readable...

Coinbase collaboration with ENS to let Ethereum wallet holders create NFT letters. 

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Ethereum Hits Ten-Week Higher as The Bulls Aim $1,720

Ethereum prices are closing at $1600, ETH tapped its higher price since Nov 8 reaching $1,589 this morning. 

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ETH staking on top exchanges contributes to Ethereum censorship

One of the biggest factors harming Ethereum's credible neutrality is the use of censoring MEV relays by crypto ecosystems and exchanges.

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MicroStrategy Could Be Up $1.5B If It Had Bought Ethereum...

If Microstrategy had chosen to invest in Ethereum instead of Bitcoin things might have worked out differently. 

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You can now search ETH addresses on Google — But what about...

Google crypto feature enables some Ethereum wallet addresses to have their ETH balance tracked straight off of the Google search engine.

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