Nightlife comes to the metaverse as Decentral Games launched Atari Casino

DAO Decentral Games is booming into the metaverse nightlife space as the launch of an Atari-branded casino.

Nightlife comes to the metaverse as Decentral Games launched Atari Casino

The casino is going to be the third major gambling application for the DAO, which purchases land in virtual worlds like Decentraland and opens digital businesses. Using brand assets from Atari, the provably-fair games are designed to be “nostalgia-inducting,” per a press release from Decentral Games.

Users are allowed to play with a wide range of tokens, including DAI, ETH, and Decentraland’s MANA, and a “gaming mining” program is also available that rewards gamblers with Decentral Games’ governance token $DG.

Decentral Games is rapidly becoming popular into the metaverse nightlife space. Last week, it announced a digital replica of the iconic Amnesia club. To celebrate the launch of the Atari Casino, they brought in DJ Dillon Francis for a music concert with over 3,700 worldwide attendees.

The metaverse has been a trendy sector for viewers and builders as of late as the NFT space has gained traction lately enough that such players including Fortnite founder Tim Sweeny have admitted that the tech is “going places.”

The metaverse might have been an unexpected winner throughout the Covid pandemic, as lockdowns around the globe led people and businesses online.

“Lots of industries including entertainment, fashion have been jumping on the bandwagon, perhaps because they’ve been affected by Covid. They realize that they can connect with their customers in this new way,” said Decentral Games CMO Lee Lin Liew. “It’s a new norm and a new market fit for us.”