Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins' new film to be sold as NFT

Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins’ new film will be tokenized and sold on an NFT marketplace for movies dubbed “Vuele.”

Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins' new film to be sold as NFT

Anthony Hopkins has had a celebrated career and won two Oscars and two Emmys, starring in remarkable movies such as Silence of the Lambs, The Elephant Man, the Thor franchise, and The Father. 

The new feature-length film “Zero Contact” and has been produced by independent film finance and production company, Enderby Entertainment.

According to Enderby, the story follows five characters from around the globe connected only by their devotion to tech titan Finley Hart (Hopkins).

The movie was produced remotely in 17 different territories during the early waves of the global pandemic in 2020, and the production relied heavily on using zoom to shoot scenes.

The film’s distribution will consist of up to NFT five drops on Vuele and will include the film, plus extras still to be determined that would vary from token to token to create different price points.

The Vuele Marketplace is a movie distribution and film viewing platform. Users of the platform can purchase content in crypto or fiat currency. 

Currently, Zero Contact appears to be the only project announced and the firm hasn’t specified which blockchain the marketplace is built on.  

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