Polygon partner with the neo-banking app Hi and Mastercard to introduce an NFT debit card

Polygon blockchain has collaborated with the neo-banking app hi and Mastercard to launch a platform that enables customers to generate Web3-centric NFT debit cards.

Polygon partner with the neo-banking app Hi and Mastercard to introduce an NFT debit card

NFT Debit Mastercard holders can spend crypto or fiat currency at 90 million retailers worldwide users can mint any personal NFT for the cover of their Debit card at no cost.

This is a strategic move by Polygon which is attempting to become the face of gasless fees for NFTs the Starbucks NFT loyalty rewards beta and new blockchain gaming features from Solana's largest NFT marketplace, Magic Eden are based on the Polygon blockchain.

while Ethereum has the biggest volume of NFT trades by blockchain, NFT transactions on Polygon increased by 1,648% from the first to the second week of December.

The process is to create an account and select a card level of Silver or higher they will be able to construct personalized cards using NFTs-based Polygon's users of this service are eligible for discounts on up to 20 digital subscriptions on travel perks and 10% spend rewards.

Also, for every transaction with a Hi debit card users in the EEA and UK will be able to earn a spend reward of up to 10% get rebates on up to 15 digital subscriptions, and get more travel benefits.

Furthermore, Mastercard collaborate with Hi to provide customizable NFT debit cards as a result of a January cooperation between Mastercard and Coinbase users of the company's debit and credit card service are allowed to acquire NFTs the service is restricted exclusive NFT collection like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

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