Polygon unveils date for beta mainnet launch of its zero-knowledge zkEVM technology

Polygon's late march launch date for its zero-knowledge zkEVM technology. 

Polygon unveils date for beta mainnet launch of its zero-knowledge zkEVM technology

The Ethereum scaling solutions provider is set to launch its long-awaited Ethereum Virtual Machine rollout technology. 

Polygon has announced the Beta launch of its zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual machine (zkEVM) Mainnet for March 27. 

Polygon said after three and a half months of testing the system will be ready for the Mainnet in March 2023.

The development of the zk-rollup scaling technology has been ongoing for the past three years the Polygon zkEVM system has hit several milestones noted by the team. 

These include the deployment of more than 5000 smart contracts the generation of over 75,000 zk-proof more than 84,000 wallets and two public third-party audits. 

Polygon uses zero-knowledge proofs technology in the context of scaling enable platforms to validate mass amounts of transaction data before bundling and confirming them on Ethereum. 

According to Polygon team explained the significance of the technology stating that true EVM equivalence means Ethereum can be scaled without resorting to half measures.

"The best way to scale Ethereum is to preserve the existing Ethereum ecosystem: code, tooling and infrastructure needs to just work. and that's what Polygon zkEVM is aiming to achieve."

Polygon team added, the scaling technology enables significant transaction cost savings Proof- costs for a large batch of hundreds of transactions are down to about $0.06 and less than $0.001 for a simple transfer.

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