Rarible provides marketplace builder for Polygon-based NFT collections

NFT Marketplace Rarible has expressed the availability of a marketplace builder are allows artists and projects to create a Polygon-compatible marketplace for their NFT collection. 

Rarible provides marketplace builder for Polygon-based NFT collections

Rarible marketplace CEO Alexel Falin said that community marketplace will be the future of NFT trading. 

According to Rarible the new tool will provide customization options including royalty fee adjustments and will not require coding. the marketplace developer intends to enable creators to show their unique brand identity which the Rarible team argues is impossible in traditional NFT platforms. 

Why the Rarible team choose Polygon network for the tool the Rarible team emphasized the blockchain's growing popularity in the NFT market Alexel Falin co-founder and CEO of Rarible expressed that the Polygon NFT industry has recently achieved tremendous traction. 

Rarible also expects that NFTs will be traded in the community marketplace in the future.

According to Falin "We see community marketplace as the future of NFT buy and sell and we believe every project should its own marketplace"

Rarible offers a marketplace creator for Ethereum ERC 721 and ERC 1155 collection also to Polygon-based NFT projects amid the bear market, NFT projects have made new tools to help the space move forward.

NFT index released a tool for analyzing the trading performance of NFT collectors wallets. the index analyzes wallets according to their realized and unrealized gains and others factors. 

Furthermore, NFT projects add new tools or services and do everything they can to survive the crypto winter SuperRare a marketplace for non-fungible tokens recently express a 30% decrease in its workforce John Crain the CEO of the company express that they overhired when market conditions were favorable and grew in tandem with the market. 

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