Shopify retailers can now sell Avalanche NFT via their online stores

The Avalanche app from Venly is now accessible to all Shopify businesses allow to mint and sell NFTs via a no-code interface.

Shopify retailers can now sell Avalanche NFT via their online stores

If any of Shopify's millions of merchants wish to sell NFTs they need not direct buyers to a specialized platform like OpenSea or Magic Eden they can mint and list NFTs through their existing storefront utilizing one of Shopify's blockchain apps these NFTs can now be created on Avalanche due to venly. 

Venly a Blockchain company expresses the expansion of Avalanche support via its Shopify NFT minting app the Layer 1 blockchain platform which is billed as a faster and less expensive to leading NFT platform Ethereum is currently available to all Shopify merchants.

According to Venly Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform that supports online storefronts for millions of retailers across the globe. Also nor an existing Avalanche wallet nor experience with cryptocurrency will be required for buyers to get an NFT they can instead pay using fiat currency such as a credit card and receive a link to a newly created Avalanche wallet containing the newly minted NFT which they can transfer anywhere.

Venly found in 2018 which offers blockchain wallet solutions is one of numerous blockchain app partners integrated into the Shopify ecosystem in the past other partners have supplied tools for users to mint NFTs on blockchain systems like Ethereum and Flow. 

Tim Dierckxsens co-founder and CEO of Venly express Decrypt that the company gave NFT minting tools to brand and artists on Shopify but it saw a growing need for a simple no-code tool that any seller could use to make NFTs he said that Shopify asked Venly to make an app for its merchants so that they could sell NFTs to more users.

According to Dierocxsens "I believe it's one of the biggest evolutions for NFTs where this can be taken to a mass market and you don't need to understand the necessity of crypto to make the purchase."

According to Lead Christina Lomazzo at Shopify Blockchain Ecosystem Venly enables Shopify businesses to sell NFT collections offer NFT token-gated experiences and connect NFTs directly through their storefronts helping to further grow participation in Web3 and expand what's possible in commerce.

Venly launched its Shopify NFT minting pool on Polygon Late in 2021 the Ethereum scaling network Dierckxsens said that Venly aim to add support for NFTs minted via Hedera and Ethereum scaling network immutable X in the future Avalanche is the second network to be supported.

He said that concentrating on Layer 1 platform and Ethereum layer 2 networks with low gas fees for clients were international even if they may not appear to vary as wildly as they did during the original NFT purchasing frenzy of 2021, Ethereum's main net gas fees can vary greatly and be pricey.

According to Dierckxsens "You cannot sell a mass market items and expect end users to pay around $20 to $100 in transaction fees"  

Even the amount of NFTs traded on the platform is low about $1.2 million in December according to Cryptoslam data Avalanche has seen a rise in the number of people using NFTs over the last year in October OpenSea the largest NFT marketplace added support for Avalanche NFTs.

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