Site owners can receiving Web3 crypto donations Using DePay WordPress Plugin

WordPress Site owners can receive Web3 crypto donations Using DePay WordPress Plugin DePay for crypto Donations Does Any-to-Any Token Exchange.

Site owners can receiving Web3 crypto donations Using DePay WordPress Plugin

DePay is an open-source WordPress plugin that allows website owners to accept P2P donations in Crypto. DePay offers decentralized conversion of incoming cryptocurrency donations into tokens that the receiver has selected.

The Swiss Web3 payment Startup DePay said the Plugin is OpenSource to install. "DePay allows content publishers and content creators to accept middleman-free and therefore financial censorship resistant donations. Site owners interested in accepting crypto donations can install the Web3 donation plugin from the official WordPress plugin Store easily."

Sebastian pape is the Founder of DePay "WordPress has shaped the internet for approx 20 years now. We are thrilled to enable people running their WordPress installation to accept Web3 donations as simple as installing a plugin."

WordPress publishers accepting crypto donations are usually two methods. First, they can use a centralized crypto payment gateway. Using this method, users have to trust intermediaries who take the donations on the User's behalf. This contradicts the core idea of decentralization. As well the range of cryptocurrencies that can be accepted is limited with this option.

The second method is to provide Wallet addresses. This gets published in plain text on the Website. This can be a little time-consuming as users have to monitor different wallets. And they have to convert tokens to hedge against volatility.

The Company says what they offer is novel "DePay Donations offers an alternative with a new paradigm enabled by decentralized finance. It mazimizes decentralization, interoperability and token acceptance while minimizing the administrative burden on the donation recipient."

It is unclear whether the plugin "Clips the ticket" on the way through and charges a commission for the cryptocurrency conversion But either way, it seems like the adoption of cryptocurrencies is now an unstoppable march. 

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