Spotify launches its metaverse in partnership with Roblox

Spotify has also joined metaverse through blockchain gaming behemoth Roblox, which is huge news for music, and Web3, Spotify island is the platform's first big music streaming service, according to the business, which is launching today. 

Spotify launches its metaverse in partnership with Roblox

Users will be able to produce music and mingle in a virtual location, as well as earn unique access to artist-created virtual items, on Spotify Island, the company's virtual venue in the Roblox metaverse. 

Robox's virtual island follows. Spotify's branding rules, with a green color scheme and similar symbols, forms, and colors. The option to collect heart-shaped "Like" signals and sell them for things and digital products is another perk of accessing Spotify's metaverse. 

According to Spotify, in-game virtual products will allow artists to generate money while also engaging with fans in novel ways. also said that a portion of the money earned by digital assets like NFTs would be given to artists, but no royalty numbers have been defined. 

Also in a few weeks, Spotify island's first themed experience, "K-Park" will launch, enabling fans to connect with K-Pop singers Stray Kids and SUNMI On Spotify island, SUNMI merchandise is now available, and Kids merchandise will be available shortly

While Spotify was the first music streaming service to join the Roblox metaverse, music labels and artists have been enthusiastic about Web3 and the metaverse. 

While it's unclear whether Spotify island will benefit Spotify's artists, partnering with Roblox may help the platform stay relevant as the world, and particularly musicians, shift to web3 and NFT technology.

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