StarkWare is built into a unique ZK-Rollup Snap by MetaMask

StarkNet is not yet natively compatible with MetaMask because it uses a different address and account structure than Ethereum this is not EVM compatible with the first-ever Layer 2 snap that makes ZK rollup compatible users now have better access to a permissionless decentralized network for quick cheap applications.

StarkWare is built into a unique ZK-Rollup Snap by MetaMask

We made a StarkNet dApp that lets users install the snap as well manage and add tokens that are based on StarkNet snap lets you manage StarkNet assets by making StarkNet keys from your MetaMask secret Recovery Phrase without having access to your MetaMask information.

Developers can add to MetaMask and change it as needed for their dapp with MetaMask Snaps developers can set up StarkNet accounts make StarkNet transactions and talk to StarkNet Smart contracts Developers can try right now to connect to StarkNet through any dApp.

MetaMask Flask now works with snaps in the development version which developers must install in their browsers to use the integration you can't run in the same browser profile as any other MetaMask instance.

The name flask comes from the fact that it is a place where you can do experiments that may be unstable or dangerous, only developers need to know about this message. Users should keep an eye out for when these changes to the stable MetaMask extension make direct access possible in the second half of the year.

A Snap is a part of the software that adds to the features of MetaMask StarkNet and MetaMask didn't work with each other. by using your MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase to set up a StarkNet account the StarkNet snap lets you manage assets that are on StarkNet.

Snaps can only be used with MetaMask Flask development. Snaps will be added to the version of MetaMask that most people can use. The StarkNet Snap doesn't change the way the MetaMask Flask works. 

if you reinstall the snap your account will be back right away. Already added custom tokens need to be added again even after you delete the snap you can still get to your StarkNet account and see what you've bought and sold.

The StarkNet snap recovery directly uses the Secret Recovery Phrase of MetaMask if you recover the MetaMask account then install the StarkNet snap your old account will be restored right away.

StarkNet dApp can export your private key by going to Account information and then Export Private Key MetaMask will show you the data about your private key in a window pop-up.

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