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SEC crackdown on BinSEC crackdown on Binance and Coinbase...

In the past 48 hours, decentralized exchanges (DEX) have experienced a significant increase in total daily trading volumes, with a...

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Binance CEO CZ Responds to US Regulator's Charges

The U.S. Commodity futures trading commission has addressed the allegations against Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. 

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Binance enhances AI-powered NFT generator Bicasso

Binance Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace is starting creative with Bicasso a new NFT generator powered by artificial intelligence...

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Binance express it is moving its zero-fee Bitcoin trading...

Cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance expresses it's moving zero-fee Bitcoin (BTC) trading from Binance USD (BUSD) to True USD (TUSD)

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Binance NFT Announces Integration With Polygon Network...

Binance NFT marketplace, users will have the ability to purchase, deposit, withdraw, and list NFTs from the Polygon network.

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BUSD Is Under Attack, Paxos Ordered to Halt Issuance of...

Paxos was Ordered to Halt the Issuance of BUSD Tokens by the New York Department of Financial Services.

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Binance include zk-SNARKs to upgrades proof-of-reserves...

Cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance expresses a proof-of-reserves verification system upgrade, it would currency incorporate zk...

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Binance Boosts Adoption in Education Sector, Aids Canadian...

Binance Partners with Canadian University Dubai to Enable Crypto Payments.

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Binance is launching a tax reporting tool to prepare users...

Binance is launching a tax reporting tool to prepare users for the tax season.

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Robinhood's twitter account hacked, Promoting fake RBH...

Popular investment app Robinhood’s Twitter account was hacked and used to promote a fake token allegedly created by the company.

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BNB removed over two million cryptocurrency from circulation.

Binance burns $620 million worth of BNB.

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India’s WazirX Releases Proof-of-Reserves With Over 1:1...

Indian crypto exchange giant WazirX released a proof-of-reserves (PoR) report expressing its reserves-to-liability ratio of over 1:1...

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Binance allow to buy crypto with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Binance integrates Apply pay and Google Pay to buy crypto 

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How FTX’s Collapse Impacts Indian Crypto Industry

Crypto trading volumes in India have decreased this year. The FTX meltdown has exacerbated the problem, hurting the sentiment across...

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Is Binance Fail? Binance goes down everything else will...

Binance is now riding a wave of FUD as the exchange faces multiple controversies including a potential investigation for money laundering...

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